Newport TN


115 years and still going!  Check their website here.




Well maintained drug store sign on Gay Street in Dandridge.
It’s always a pleasure to see these welcoming neon signs.

Seymour’s Drive In


Behold Seymour’s Drive In. The sign is so faded that it’s hard to read.  The structure was built around 1933 or so, when Norris Lake went in.  Many tourist places went in on the roads leading to the new lake.  This is near Tazewell TN.

Zantigo, RIP

I saw this outside an old drive-in store in Semour, west of Tazewell on Hwy 33 in Claiborne County TN.  I don’t normally take pix of plastic signs, but this one looked interesting.  It’s not old.  The Zantigo Mexican Restaurant chain, started in 1968, died in 1986, when PepsiCo bought out R.J. Reynolds holdings in Heublein.  Oops, PepsiCo also owns Taco Bell.  Bye, bye, Zantigo.



Rosenblatt’s Music, (something), Jewelers was, in the early 20th century, located in the Greene County Bank Building. Scant on-line information is available for either Greene County Bank or Rosenblatt’s.
This is on Blue Springs Parkway at Emerald Road in Greene County TN.

Royal Blue Shoes

This is in Norton VA.  I think the store name at the top is “Belk”.  There was a Belk store at one time in Norton, as far as I can tell.  In the mid-20th century, there was a Belk store pretty much anywhere there was a large number of people with steady jobs.  The first Belk was in Monroe NC.  Real all about it here. Note: clicking on one of the chapter links locked up my computer (no biggie, just logged off and back on).

Frostee Freeze


This tasty Frostee Freeze sign is in New Tazewell TN.
Interesting story, which I obtained from my friendly Wikipedia: When the Southern Railroad clanked its way through East Tennessee, it bypassed Tazewell – about 6 miles west.  A depot was built there and ambitious people with an eye on the railroad dollars hied themselves to New Tazewell (it wasn’t called that then, but, in 1954 it officially took the moniker) to live (mostly) long and prosper.
On Hwy. 33, right at the boundary line between Tazewell and New Tazewell there’s a sign that has “Welcome to New Tazewell” on one side and “Welcome to Tazewell” on the other.
It’s burb to burb, bud, and no suburbs in sight.