This paint-up is not that old, but it hasn’t weathered well.  It’s on a shotgun building on the corner of East Market and Unicoi Streets in Kingsport TN.  The car is painted on tin and affixed to the wall.  The other side of the building has this same sign, less the car, in much better shape.  In this area, our prevailing weather comes in from the west, the direction which this sign is facing.


Zantigo, RIP

I saw this outside an old drive-in store in Semour, west of Tazewell on Hwy 33 in Claiborne County TN.  I don’t normally take pix of plastic signs, but this one looked interesting.  It’s not old.  The Zantigo Mexican Restaurant chain, started in 1968, died in 1986, when PepsiCo bought out R.J. Reynolds holdings in Heublein.  Oops, PepsiCo also owns Taco Bell.  Bye, bye, Zantigo.

General Shale Research Lab

Once, there were great kilns and hundreds of types of bricks and blocks being made by this large General Shale plant in downtown Kingsport (on the other side of the tracks).  I took a bunch of pictures over here as the buildings stood open and vandalized.  I was politely asked by a policeman to take my leave.
This is the Research Lab. I always thought the lettering and imaging on this brick were quite nicely done.  I’d say this building, if isn’t gone already, will soon be.  Kingsport is turning this area into ball fields.


Bachelder Studios, Kingsport TN

This barely legible sign is all that remains of the Bachelder Photographic Studios in Kingsport from 1916 to 1925.  It was John Bachelder and this was part of a nationwide chain, from what I can glean on the internet.  He appears to have died in 1949 and was buried in Potter’s Field in Baltimore.