Counts Drug Store


Nice neon on this period drug store, now repurposed…in Wytheville VA.


Kelley’s Korner


This is in Bristol TN.   On the right was “A” Beauty Salon.  We had a Studebaker when I was a kid.  The seat cover on the back seat was itchy.  It was summer.  I was wearing shorts.  You notice these things on a long trip.

Volunteer Speedway

The bogie and the landing gear have been removed from this trailer.  It sits, rusting away, near Kingsport Speedway, off John B. Dennis Highway.

Kingsport Speedway dates from 1965, but Volunteer Speedway, in Bulls Gap, had its first race in 1974.

Both are still very much in business.



This is in Cumberland KY.  J.E. Issac, who would come to own several theaters in this area, built this complex in 1937, primarily as “Isaac’s New Theatre”, modern and comfortable, for 1937.  The coal was depleting fast in that year, the Depression was slowly beginning to ease a little and people needed some distraction.
It’s a shame that I’m stupid and didn’t get a good shot of the whole building, but, well, there it is.

In the middle, with the ticket booth still there, is occupied by “Lillian’s Novo Center”.

Chapman Restaurant


I can’t find definitive dates for this former restaurant.  I know it must post-date Norris Lake, impounded in 1936.  (There are a blue bazillion post cards of Norris Lake, since it was the biggest thing to hit this part of East Tennessee since the Civil War.)  There’s an old 50s-style Dexter Press post card I’ve seen on the web of this restaurant in what was then known as Lake City.  The town is now proudly known at Rocky Top, except to the Post Office, where it’s still Lake City.