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Now closed and up for sale.   It’s between the old Dixie Pottery and Bristol on the Robert E. Lee Highway; a.k.a. Highway 11W


Welch WVA #1

Photos courtesy Lee Stone

My buddy recently took a side trip to Welch WVA to scout the area for old coal towns and mines that interest him.  Knowing of my interest in old business signs, he obligingly took quite a few pictures of ones he saw.  This town, as it was years ago, is vividly described in “The Glass Castle“, by Jeanette Walls.


Really nice old paintup.  Other postings on Pinterest indicate it’s been closed for a long while.  No information available on the web that I can find…yet.


It’s hard to read, across the building, under the Raymond’s sign, in the concrete, it reads 19 ODD FELLOWS TEMPLE 28.

More to come.