Frostee Freeze


This tasty Frostee Freeze sign is in New Tazewell TN.
Interesting story, which I obtained from my friendly Wikipedia: When the Southern Railroad clanked its way through East Tennessee, it bypassed Tazewell – about 6 miles west.  A depot was built there and ambitious people with an eye on the railroad dollars hied themselves to New Tazewell (it wasn’t called that then, but, in 1954 it officially took the moniker) to live (mostly) long and prosper.
On Hwy. 33, right at the boundary line between Tazewell and New Tazewell there’s a sign that has “Welcome to New Tazewell” on one side and “Welcome to Tazewell” on the other.
It’s burb to burb, bud, and no suburbs in sight.


Corncob on a Pegboard


The perfs in average pegboard are an inch apart, so this is about 2.75′ long.

DeKalb, now owned by Monsanto, began business in 1912.  They developed seed corn…we’d call it GMO corn these days.  It now operates as DeKalb Genetics.


Treet Blades


This was in an old store in Southwest Virginia that had been closed for years.  Either the blades weren’t worth 4 for 10 cents or someone was in a hurry to unload them.  Psssst!  Didn’t work…
Not a bad deal, though.  About 22 cents would have secured the whole shebang…and they’re double blades, too!

Coin Laundry


If you live in this area, you’ve seen this as you’ve driven through Colonial Heights.  The laundry is still there, btw.  I don’t know how old this sign is, but it’s been there a while.
12 of the 29 bulbs on this side of the sign are broken out.
(Um, sorry, I didn’t check the other side)
Notice the telephone-less booth between the two trailers?
I’m not a particularly squeamish person, but I always felt I needed to handle pay phone handsets with, you know, welding gloves…icky.