Saint Paul Supply Company

Yep, there it is, sitting right by the railroad in St. Paul VA.  That’s not a paint-up sign, either, the words are embedded in the concrete.
That’s the way to do it, if  you intend on hanging around for a while.
The sign was probably once black letters on plain concrete backing.  Then someone discovered a 10,000-gallon barrel of Indian Red paint…

Harlan Water & Ice Co


The letters in the concrete read (in order)

Harlan Water & Ice Co

_ _ rporate _ (missing letters chiseled out)

19  15

This is the Municipal Water Works in Harlan KY.

I have this posted on my travels site and speculated that this may have once been a private, incorporated business and, once the city took it over, they made the “incorporated” part of the signage unreadable.