General Shale Research Lab

Once, there were great kilns and hundreds of types of bricks and blocks being made by this large General Shale plant in downtown Kingsport (on the other side of the tracks).  I took a bunch of pictures over here as the buildings stood open and vandalized.  I was politely asked by a policeman to take my leave.
This is the Research Lab. I always thought the lettering and imaging on this brick were quite nicely done.  I’d say this building, if isn’t gone already, will soon be.  Kingsport is turning this area into ball fields.


A Little Gate City Action

Well, so to speak.  This is on Jackson Street in Gate City VA.   The picture below it is of the building itself, either built or remodeled by the certain Quillen.  Present owners stuck their sign right over the building name inlay.  Tsk.