Christopher-Cawood, Kingsport

I was very certain that I’d seen this sign when I first lived in Kingsport in 1957-1959, but I couldn’t have.  Christopher-Cawood Insurance was shown as being on Broad Street in 1959, according to my city directory for that year.  However, that insurance company did move to this Center-Key Building (on the corner of Center and Cherokee Streets) before the telephone numbers changed from alphanumeric to plain numeric (early 60’s, I think).  That’s why there’s a shroud around the “246-9641″…it was originally” CI6-9641″.  The “CI” stood for “Circle”, one of the early Kingsport prefixes.  It’s hard to read all of the words, but here’s more or less what it says” CHRISTOPHER-CAWOOD INSURANCE OFFICE 2ND FLOOR THIS BLDG “IN THE GREATEST CITY ON EARTH” CALL 246-0641″.