The former Feuchtenberger bakery

This is in Bluefield WV and, as business signs go, it’s choice.  The juice on the web is that this was built by the Feuchtenberger family (and designed, apparently, by a Feuchtenberger architect) sometime in the early 1940s.  Note that on the top of the building, the name Feuchtenberger is spelled out in brickwork. A stylish building – for its day – like this are just not thick on the ground here.  The bakery became “Betsy Ross” during WWII and was then, later, acquired by the Flowers company.  One poster on the web remembers how good it smelled in the mornings.  I can relate.  When I was a kid, for my Sunday morning paper route, I’d have to go down to the Kingsport Times-News building on Market Street and pick up my bundle.  At that time, the Rainbow bakery was in the building on the corner of Cherokee and Market.  They’d be baking bread and pastries.  What a wonderful fragrance.
Another note: I don’t know how this name is pronounced.  In German, it’d be “foych-ten- berger”.  Maybe it was Americanized to “fook-ten-berger” or “fewk-ten-berger”.  I’ll eventually find out, I’m sure.  I’m certain.  Right.



Fall Branch TN

Driving through Fall Branch recently, we spotted two relatively old signs.  The first is obvious, the second, the Mountain Dew sign, probably from the 50s, has the old “it’ll tickle yore innards” sig line.  It was originally green, but all the yellow has faded out.




Kingsport Milling

This burned down several years ago.  It was in what is now known as Gibsontown, but was earlier known as Horace.  I remember stopping at the retail store here a couple of times, but I can’t remember for the life of me what it was I was looking for or bought.  I just remember that the place smelled great…a grainy, almost yeasty, smell.  Well, enough about me, here’s the picture: