Greeneville TN

Greeneville’s been around for a while.  Since 1786, to be exact.  Here’s the wiki.  It’s had its ups and downs, mainly in the way the streets are laid out in the downtown area (that’s not a jab, it’s just that by walking out the downtown area, I seemed to be either going up a hill or down another).
I’ve always liked this sign.  They made use of the available space:

This isn’t a sign, really, and I’m not certain it’s authentic, but I spotted in the downtown area where another building had been torn down. And I figured, hell, I’ve got a camera, might as well get a picture of it.

Ah, yes, Walker Hardware.  Really faded.  I’ve enhanced this about as much as I can.

And the bank clock.  Is it original?  The bank’s been here since early last century.

If you are heading this way, try to get here for either the Iris Festival in spring or the Renaissance Faire later on.  Both are great fun.


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