Pocahontas VA

Where the coal mining industry started, back in 1888, but portions of the town are older.  This Coca-Cola sign has been slightly enhanced.  It was pretty faded.  The building dates from 1893 (the date’s on the front).

These two buildings are on Centre Street in the downtown area.  The one on the left has a 1894 date above, but I think “The Cricket” sign is fairly new.  However, the building on the right, seeming a bit on the slant, has an 1883 date and under the date “S. Cohen” and under that “Elkhorn Saloon”.

This one I’m a little leery of.  It may be that there was a “Butt & Co. Coffins”, but I’m certain this is a recent repaint.  A town has to have a coffin maker, after all.


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